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12/18/08 Smart MultiMedia Wins Award of Excellence from the Society for Technical Communication (STC)

The Award


Smart MultiMedia is pleased to announce winning the 2008 Award of Excellence in the area of Online Communications for its Virtual Toolkit created for HP. Each year the STC holds competitions in Online Communication, Technical Art, and Technical Publications. It is a chance for professionals in the technical communication field to submit their work for evaluation by their peers. Other award winners include: Apple, Cisco Systems, IBM, and Boeing.




STC is a professional association that advances the arts and sciences of technical communication. Its 14,000+ members include technical writers, editors, graphic designers, multimedia artists, Web and intranet page information designers, translators and others whose work involves making technical information understandable and available to those who need it.


HP StorageWorks ESL 712 Virtual Tool Kit


In the process of researching rising warranty bills on the HP ESL E-series tape libraries, it became apparent that often parts were being replaced when they were not faulty. Further investigation provided concrete evidence that many times the first line of customer support for these libraries had in fact received no training and had never seen the physical library. Because of the large size of these libraries (minimum of 500-pounds), sending them out on a road to show first line customer support employees was as cost prohibitive; and flying customer engineers to training locations for hands-on learning was cost prohibitive as well. In an effort to stem the flow of no-fault found returns, HP contracted Smart MultiMedia to create a 3-D simulation that allowed learners to explore, interact and troubleshoot the large piece of equipment on their PC.

Updated 11/24/08